Meet Amy

Amy B Kinser

 Hey Friends!

I am so glad you have chosen to spend a little time finding out who I am.  

I am wife to Donnie.  Mom to Keith, Beth, Faith, and an angel baby, Little Donnie, in heaven.

I am a Christian saved by grace!!!

I was born in Tennessee, have lived here my whole life and hope to never leave.

I love to breathe new life into once loved items  (and people who feel unloved and unworthy) 

I am a stylist.  A stager.  An artist. A homeschool mama.  A lover of vintage.  A lover of fashion and makeup.  A doctor, a nurse, a therapist.  You get it...I play a lot of roles as a mom!  

I eat as clean as I possibly can and have discovered a of love of cooking healthy meals for my fam!

You are never too old to be young...don't forget that!!

Hope we can be friends!